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Our Services

Strategy. Monetization. Content Acquisition. Business development. If you’re a business with ambition in the content world, NINETNINE can help

Content Strategy

Our approach to strategy is drawn from years of experience working with leading content businesses around the world. With countless real deals under our belts, we know what works – with the data to prove it. So you can trust us to give you honest advice. Backed by an in-depth understanding of your market.

Packaging & Distribution

Our deep content market knowledge allows us to create compeling TV packages that resonates with their audiences, no matter the platform. We have a track record creating packages that reached over 200.000 monthly paying subscribers.

Brand Partnerships

we don’t take a one-size fits all approach. We believe in stories that inspire our viewers and create memories. We produce amazing content that connects with your brand positionning and values and help you engage with your target audience

Content Acquisition

Hollywood studios and leading programme distributors. Major broadcast channels, music and sports rights holders. Wherever the content you want comes from, we’ve got the experience and contacts to secure better deals for you. Whatever rights you’re looking for. 

Content Monetization

Maybe you’re looking to launch a new product, to find the right partner to expand your service, or even to unlock the hidden potential of your existing business model. No matter what your ambition, winning new business is our passion and we will suggest the best monetization strategy tailored to your uniqueness

Technology & Innovations

Whether it is Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality or simply technological transformations in Media, our team will guide you to the right innovation that takes your business to the next level. AVOD, FAST, SVOD, A.I Content generation, Subtitling, Cloud Editing, App development...   

What Our Partners Say

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Tarak Ben Ammar, International producer and media tycoon

"Our partnership with Ninetnine has been paramount in our international expansion. Their expertise in taking our content to new audiences is valuable and now we are glad to explore the opportunities of FAST with one of the best platforms in the US. 
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