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Your content monetization partner

NINETNINE is your boutique content partner to support your audience/revenue growth across multiple platforms 

Our Story

The Leading Media Startup

We are 2 award-winning entrepreneurs and content experts with a groundbreaking idea that fragmented audiences need a fresh new approach to content, engagement and monetization. We launched in 2018 to disrupt the media supply chain wth a focus on aggregation and distribution. This pioneering spirit has since helped us negotiate countless successful deals for our content partners. Accelerate their growth to brand new levels. And plot crystal clear routes to future success.

At NINETNINE, we believe that the right content strategy and technological edge can lead platforms towards a successful future. We have been among the first believers in Artificial Intelligence and implementing cutting-edge solutions to create content, deliver cost savings and improve engagement. Our partners can testify of their growth, ARPU boost or simply brand expansion since working with us. Get in touch to know!


You are a content owner and you wonder how to reach your core audience? Over what platforms? At what cost? How to engage with viewers? 

We have the answers! 

"Big results require big ambitions"



We are your guide to success

Only the Best

Developing propositions that really connect with your audience. Creating a business model for a brand new service. Building your content plan, analysing markets and using new technologies to unlock fresh opportunities. There are many paths your business can follow, and we’re your expert guide.

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